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The PropMan Cometh

12 Aug

Recently we had to have a wooden sliding door to the bathroom which is set into the wall, fixed.  It had come off its hinges. There was a special way you had to lift it, push your hip against it and pull or push very hard to get the thing to move. Going to the bathroom was being preceded with exercise warm-ups and it was getting annoying.

Someone from The Propman came out to have a look. He advised me that the wooden frame would have to be removed so they could get to the door properly. I started visualizing splintered wood lying all around the place, dust and bits of paint coming off the walls as they pried the frames from the wall.  ‘Of course, if we can’t get to the door that way we need to break down parts of the wall,’ Mr Propman continued.  Now I visualised a thicker layer of dust, the kind that creeps into your nose and waits for you to sneeze, cement pieces flying around, chunks of broken bricks all settling into the carpet. Maybe we should just use the broken door as an opportunity to gain muscle strength in our upper arms, I mused. It certainly would be less stressful.

We arranged for the Propman guys to come out and fix the door. Two friendly yet businesslike gentlemen arrived and spent almost 45 minutes discussing and analyzing the door. They spoke to each other in low, urgent tones, pointing and discussing, peering into odd spaces above the door and consulting with each other again. They were serious and focused and I lapsed into reverential silence, just watching them.  Back and forth they went between the door and their van, carrying equipment and continuing their serious discussion. After another 20 minutes or so, they came back and announced that the door was fixed! They only needed to remove one panel of wood, which had been replaced again, and needed re-varnishing once the glue was dry. That was it!  Not even a crumb of cement on the carpet!

I was impressed at their professionalism – they were as serious as surgeons discussing an operation and in the end they fixed the door with surgical precision. The next day I got a phone call from The Propman’s offices, asking if I was happy with the work that was done. CS Pita is impressed.