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Afternoon at Monte

10 Aug

Phoned SACAB to book a taxi for our 7km trip to Montecasino. A rare afternoon off was taken to enjoy lunch and a movie with a good friend. The SACAB lady was friendly and efficient, and I liked that she calculated roughly how much the trip would cost. Mr Taxi Man arrived on time, and he too was friendly and efficient. The 7km journey cost a staggering R94! After reeling with shock I remembered that this was a small price to pay for enjoying a couple of glasses of wine with lunch – the reason we took a taxi in the first place.

I haven’t been to Monte since the world cup last year. During that time my husband went slightly mad and wanted to watch matches at venues that featured massive screens, with huge crowds of people. I couldn’t help but share his enthusiasm, and a visit to Montecasino to watch a game became par for the world cup course.

Today it was empty and a bit gloomy indoors, but out in the sun it was pleasant.Lunch was at John Dory’s. I’d eaten there before and not been impressed but we wanted to find out if they’d upped their game since they’d started advertising heavily on radio. Service was pleasant and the food was good. I am not a food critic and I’m not going to try to be one. But I think we all know if we have enjoyed a meal or not. This meal was tasty and enjoyable.

After the movies we stopped at Skoobs for a Starbucks coffee and dessert. Skoobs no longer serves Starbucks and has a brand called Coffee Republic instead. Now here is where I get annoyed. A Grande Starbucks Cappuccino used to cost R25. While I find this price extortionate I was willing to hand over my 25 bucks to have my Starbucks once in a while. The Coffee Republic cappuccino is the same price! Who and what is Coffee Republic and what have they done to earn the right to charge R25 for a cappuccino? It ticked me right off but I ordered an Americano to enjoy with some cheesecake. Cost of cheesecake: R34,50. Taste of R34,50 cheesecake: awful! It was grainy and crumbly and not worthy of its lofty price. The Americano was bland, though not awful, and in total I found the experience a complete rip-off.

I checked out Coffee Republic on the web. It’s a franchise chain of coffee shops, based in the UK, that’s been around since 1995. So what? I’ve not heard anything about them and there is nothing out there to suggest that they are worth R21 for a medium (why call it medium when you have two sizes – a big one and a small one) Americano. I’m certainly not going back there for coffee and dessert in a hurry. A book, maybe, but that’s it.