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Lazy Day at 44 Stanley

10 Aug

44 Stanley is a pleasure to visit. Beautiful and tasteful art, furniture, pieces of interest, clothing and a host of other things are there for you to browse through and buy in a quaint afro-euro setting. Perfect for a day of doing not too much. Hubby and I went there together for the first time recently. The kids are visiting family so we were able to choose a place to enjoy a lazy brunch according to what we really wanted, as opposed to what would keep two kids amused.

We decided on Salvation Cafe and had a fantastic meal there. Fresh ingredients, excellent service, cheesecake to die for. I enjoyed the whole experience. In recent years (as I get older, you might say) I’ve found myself lowering my expectations instead of waiting, guns ready, to demand the good service I expect. It certainly is less stressful for me. So to have such a pleasant experience was refreshing.

After lunch we wandered in and out of various shops. One that caught my eye was a clothing store called Lunar. I recalled that they sold eco-friendly clothing and because this ties in with the work that I do I was keen to have a look. We entered the shop and browsed around. A lady was standing at a counter toward the back of the shop. She did not acknowledge our presence. I figured at some point she would. I was wrong! She walked right past us to close the shop door. Still not a hello! Needless to say, we left. What’s the point of being eco-friendly when you can’t be people-friendly?