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The Mystery of the Missing Phone Call Part 1

1 Oct

Mystery of the Missing Phone Call Part 1 – Believe me there will be more.

I get nervous when someone says the words, ‘I’ll phone you back,’ to me. I know for a fact that there is a 99.999999999999% chance that they WILL NOT call me back. Guaranteed. If I think back over the last 4 months I cannot think of one time where someone who has promised to call me back, actually has.

On a recent trip to Cape Town I rented a car from Dollar /Thrifty for one day. The price was good, the car was suited to my needs and overall the online booking, collecting and returning of the car was seamless and uncomplicated.

After I returned the car, I called a week later to check that the amount of money held had been released because I couldn’t tell from my bank statement if it had. I also needed a statement be e-mailed to me.

When I called a friendly lady answered and explained to me that I needed to speak to two different departments for my two different requests. Accounts and refunds. She’d put me through to refunds first. After listening to the same classical song played with pan pipes about eight times, I was told that I’d be put through to accounts as refunds was still busy on the phone. No problem. Am relaxed and patient. After a further eight times listening to the classical pan pipes I was told that accounts was still busy on a call too. And then the dreaded words: ‘Please leave me your phone number and I’ll get them to phone you back.’ Pause. Sigh. Contemplate. Will they be the ones to break the mould? Will they indeed phone as they have said? Will I believe her emphatic promises that accounts and refunds will call me back? Go oooorn, I tell myself. Have faith. Believe! The nice lady said she will get accounts and refunds to phone you back. She will.

Still waiting

Still waiting for them to phone me back.

I am still waiting.


Lazy Day at 44 Stanley

10 Aug

44 Stanley is a pleasure to visit. Beautiful and tasteful art, furniture, pieces of interest, clothing and a host of other things are there for you to browse through and buy in a quaint afro-euro setting. Perfect for a day of doing not too much. Hubby and I went there together for the first time recently. The kids are visiting family so we were able to choose a place to enjoy a lazy brunch according to what we really wanted, as opposed to what would keep two kids amused.

We decided on Salvation Cafe and had a fantastic meal there. Fresh ingredients, excellent service, cheesecake to die for. I enjoyed the whole experience. In recent years (as I get older, you might say) I’ve found myself lowering my expectations instead of waiting, guns ready, to demand the good service I expect. It certainly is less stressful for me. So to have such a pleasant experience was refreshing.

After lunch we wandered in and out of various shops. One that caught my eye was a clothing store called Lunar. I recalled that they sold eco-friendly clothing and because this ties in with the work that I do I was keen to have a look. We entered the shop and browsed around. A lady was standing at a counter toward the back of the shop. She did not acknowledge our presence. I figured at some point she would. I was wrong! She walked right past us to close the shop door. Still not a hello! Needless to say, we left. What’s the point of being eco-friendly when you can’t be people-friendly?